• Michael Phillips, LA Times

    "And when a truly sparkling triple threat like Jennifer Shelton does, well, just about anything, the show evokes something described so often by Burke's lyrics: Star quality. Shelton has it."

  • David C. Nichols, LA Times

    "The show opens with the rich-voiced Shelton, who sells the title number (and everything else she sings) with thrilling clarity."

  • Kathleen Crain, Los Angeles Journal

    "Shelton takes the cake for being the all-star performer. … The deeper you bite into Shelton’s multifaceted layers the more intense her flavor."

  • David C. Nichols, LA Times

    "… as future diva-in-training Sharon, the wonderful Jennifer Shelton walks off the printed page, riveting with Bermingham in their Act 2 face-off."

  • Les Spindle, BackStage West

    "Triple-threat performer Shelton is a constant delight ..."

  • Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

    "… you simply cannot take your eyes off of this superstar."